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A Remarkable Testimonial

A patient of mine recently reported some really great results from care. I asked him for a testimonial. Here is what he wrote:

Dr. David Camp Chiropractor and Patient

Dr. David Camp
Chiropractor and Patient

“I injured my low back a year and a half ago during a cross-fit exercise program. The pain has been unbearable and after seeing numerous good chiropractors in my town, the problem still persisted. I contacted Dr. Saunders and after an examination he adjusted me and it was the first time since my injury I could move my low back without pain. I drive an hour and a half, one way to his office and believe me the drive is worth it! If you live in the Kirkland area, this is the chiropractor you should see. I have been a chiropractor for 21 years and a chiropractic patient for 34 years and Dr. Stephen Saunders is one of the best. I appreciate the great care I get at this office and the drive is worth it. Thanks Dr. Saunders for the great gift of health you provide.”

David A. Camp D.C.
Lacey, WA

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