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Chiropractic Techniques and Methods

Quality Chiropractic Care For Results

Like any seasoned practitioner, Dr. Saunders uses a wide variety of chiropractic procedures that he has studied over the past twenty years.

His main technique is Pettibon Biomechanics ® but he has recently practiced and studied the Chiropractic Biophysics work which was developed from the Pettibon technique by Don Harrison DC PhD. These techniques focus on producing measurable changes in posture and structure and have been the methods used in studies published in research journals. Both of these approaches use precise instrument adjustments and manual joint mobilization techniques that have been proven safe and effective.

Dr. Saunders has also utilized Activator ® Technique and is currently studying Blye Cranial Adjusting Technique. Both of these techniques are gentle and safe for patients of any age.

Types of Chiropractic Care

Four different modes or stages of chiropractic care are available:

1. Essential Care is necessary when you are in pain. Chiropractic has proven an effective help for symptoms, injuries, and limitations in activity through care that includes joint adjustments, soft tissue work and rehabilitation. This type of care is usually considered medically necessary and may be covered by insurance benefits. Visits are frequent and occur over a number of weeks. It is usually at the beginning of this care that necessary diagnostic procedures such as x-ray and other testing are performed.

2. Restorative Care aims to make changes to the structure and function of the body and address the underlying cause of symptoms. Rehabilitation with exercises and specialized traction procedures are utilized to permanently improve the posture. This type of care may be covered by insurance if the problem is the result of an injury or micro trauma and was not pre-existing. Restorative care requires a frequent visit profile because like working out, the body needs repeated stimulus to adapt constructively.

3. Supportive Care is for patients who have made some symptomatic and functional progress and want to retain the gains that they have made. Visits are less frequent and the emphasis is on home care protocols, strengthening, and in changing habits that produce problems.

4. Wellness Care is for those who are interested in health promotion. Spine care is aimed at improved nervous system control, boosting immune system function and promoting a sense of well being. Care frequency may be regular or occasional. Like your vitamins or your gym membership, this level of care is not usually covered by your health insurance.

Your Chiropractic Health Goals

After your assessment, which could include a spinal examination and x-ray films, we will discuss the findings with you and make recommendations.

If care is indicated, then you would choose the type of care that best meets your needs. We give you the best information available and encourage you to make choices that match your health goals.

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