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Our Chiropractic Practice Philosophy

A Message From Doctor Saunders:

I have been providing chiropractic health care services for over 25 years and I am continually astounded by the inborn healing abilities of the body! I have seen patients recover completely from devastating injuries that prevented them from engaging in life’s basic activities. I have witnessed people regain their youthful vitality. I have observed individuals overcome life defining illnesses to live life to the fullest. I have watched many folks improve their level of health so significantly that those around them have noticed the difference.

All of these individuals had one thing in common: they experienced lessened health because their bodies control system was being negatively affected by the posture of their joints. A stuck link in a connected chain of movement is all it takes to begin the breakdown. Sometimes this cascade of events takes months or years to manifest but the results are always the same: decreased functioning, pain and eventually limitation in life.

It is that very problem I address in my healthcare practice. I use a combination of the best techniques from today’s research and time tested chiropractic methods to get quick results with lasting benefits. I employ a wide range of rehabilitative procedures. I ask that patients engage in the healing process by adding a few minutes of “at home therapy” to their routine and changing some of the things that are having a negative impact on their health.

People often ask me what keeps me so enthusiastic about chiropractic after 25 years of practice. I tell them it is seeing transformation in the health and the lives of my patients with routine frequency. I invite you to schedule a consultation with me to discover how we can empower your health. Let’s partner together on improving your health and your life. The underlying structural problems behind decreased health have to be addressed before we can be truly healthy. Given the right circumstances, the body’s inborn recuperative powers are miraculous. I believe a full expression of health is possible for us all.

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Dr. E. Stephen Saunders | Kirkland Chiropractor
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