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Structure Dictates Function

Form and Function


Spinal Segments and Nerves

Structure dictates function. These three words convey an important principle at the core of chiropractic health care. The way a thing is shaped affects the way that it works. Try eating miso soup with a fork. You will be there all day. You need a utensil that has a reservoir, liquid holding capacity. You need a spoon!

Structure dictates function in the body. Change the shape of the lens of the eye and you can focus on objects that are close up or far away. The valves of the heart must be shaped perfectly for the heart to work efficiently. In the same way, the shape of the spine affects the way that it works.

Spinal Shape

The spine has multiple functions. It provides axial support, the main frame or chassis that other parts attach to. It allows for a high degree of motion because it is made up of 24 interconnected segments that are movable. The third role of the spine is to protect the spinal cord and spinal nerves. When the spine is not shaped right it does not work right.

Poor spinal alignment adversely affects posture. Abnormal posture loads our joints unevenly creating premature breakdown. Limited or altered joint motion patterns interfere with the normal working of the nervous system. This is the principle on which chiropractic is based.

How Chiropractic Helps

As a chiropractor, I work to restore normal spinal motion while returning the skeletal structure to as near normal alignment as possible. Doing so often has profound effects to the overall health of the individual because of the influence of the spine on the bodies normal functioning.

The nervous system controls and co-ordinates all of the bodies other systems. So structure does dictate function in more ways than you think. Improve your structure and you will work better, play better and enjoy your life more.

Be Healthy,

Stephen Saunders D.C.

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