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What to Expect Your Chiropractic Care Plan

If you are new to chiropractic or if you are unfamiliar with this office let us demystify the process, breaking the appointments down into steps.

Step One:

Make an appointment. Call, email or book online. Speak with the Doctor or staff and establish a convenient appointment time for you.

Step Two:

On the day of your first appointment, paperwork includes a Health History Form, health insurance details and HIPPA privacy documents. The office will require a copy of your photo identification, usually a driver’s license and a copy of your health insurance card. Staff will use this information to check your insurance benefits eligibility. Allow 20 minutes for completion of this step.

Step Three:

Chiropractic Consultation. The doctor will sit with you and get a detailed history of your health concerns and your health goals.

Step Four:

An examination will be performed assessing the problem areas and evaluating your structural problems.

Step Five:

Diagnostic testing. This testing is done to further identify the cause of your complaints. This may include X-rays or other specialized testing at our office, or with other specialists.

Step Six:

Report of findings. This is usually done on a follow-up appointment. After reviewing all of the data, the doctor assesses the results of the initial evaluation, and tells you if he thinks we can help you, and how long it will take.

Step Seven:

Care including joint adjustments, posture rehabilitation and muscle balancing techniques. Care visits are usually repeated for a number of weeks. It takes time and repetition to create new patterns of health within the body. They know this at your gym. One workout may make you feel good but it is unlikely that it will improve your health of fitness.

Step Eight:

Check out. Pay your co-pay or co-insurance or for the visit and schedule your follow up appointment.

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