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21 Day Cleanse

Our Toxic World

Alarming information has been recently published in scientific journals, books and in the media about the problem of increasing chemical toxicity in our environment that may be creating serious health problems in people. Modern life exposes us to a huge variety of harmful chemicals. The complex and very foreign nature of these chemicals make it hard for the body to eliminate them by the usual processes. Instead, these chemicals are stored in the fatty tissues of the body, where they become more concentrated and begin to do damage. Accumulated toxins have been implicated in certain types of cancer, nerve degeneration and weight gain.


The elimination of toxins is a natural bodily process that happens continually. Natural physicians have over the years developed protocols to enhance these natural detoxification processes. The high toxic loads that are common today need enhanced detoxification techniques including the use natural compounds to accumulate and bind the toxins so that they can be safely transported out of the body. This is added to a low caloric intake of clean organic food and supplementation with food derived vitamins and nutrients to provide antioxidant protection during the process and keep energy levels up so people can get on with their lives while cleansing.

Cleanse Results

The 21 day cleanse program has been tested in offices locally and in other parts of the country and people have reported great success. Patients that have participated in our cleanse experienced increased energy, clearer thinking, weight and inches lost, decreased cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure and reduced body fat percentages. Weight loss totals have varied widely from 5 to 26 pounds but a loss of 8-10 pounds has been common in twenty one days.


We will hold an introductory class at Professional Chiropractic Services in Kirkland on Tuesday February 17th 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Educational sessions will be held every Monday throughout the cleanse, to share the principals and methods of detoxification pertinent to the respective week and to provide group encouragement by sharing challenges, successes and recipes.

This organic program uses the most effective, high quality, whole food cleanse products available that have a proven record of safety and effectiveness that can be incorporated into a busy lifestyle. The program including all the necessary products costs $419.00 which can fit into most budgets when you eliminate costly processed foods, stimulants and treats from your expenses for 21 days. Come join us on this health adventure! It will do your body good.

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